About Me

My simple goal is to improve the lives of humans and animals, especially those who share their lives with one another. After finishing my undergraduate degree, I wanted to pursue this in my daily work. This is how I discovered that owning a dog training business is just as much about counseling people, web design, and accounting as it is about training dogs. And I loved the fast pace and new problems to solve.

Eventually I learned how to automate a lot of tasks (see: employees, robots), which gave me time to think about how I missed science and research. Armed with burning questions and an annoying amount of enthusiasm, I started a Master’s degree.

I am currently finishing my studies in the Interdisciplinary Master's Programme in Human Animal Interactions at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, in conjunction with the Messerli Research Foundation, Medical University of Vienna, and University of Vienna. My thesis explores behavioral and epigenetic variations between differentially reared puppies.


  • 2015-PresentMaster's Student

    Interdisciplinary Master's Programme in Human Animal Interactions
    University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna Austria

  • 2010BS Biology

    University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Research Interests

Ethics & Animal Welfare

Particularly related to husbandry, training, shelter animals, and animal assisted interventions.

Developmental Epigenetics

Sensitive periods, stress, and the interaction of genes x environment.

Brain & Behavior

Neuropharmaceuticals and their effects on behavior; behavioral genetics; learning; ethology.

Recent Work

A Relational Approach to Understanding Aggression in Dogs

Conference Talk, Minding Animals 4
Mexico City, Mexico, Jan 2018
Conference Program

Behavioral and Epigenetic Variations in Differentially Socialized Puppies

Conference Talk, Association of Professional Dog Trainers Annual Conference and Trade Show
Third place poster prize
Richmond VA, Oct 2017
Conference Program

Behavioral and Epigenetic Variations in Differentially Socialized Puppies

Conference Talk, Canine Science Conference
Arizona State University, Oct 2017
Conference Program

Beyond Co-Existence: Evolving Ethical Duties of Equine Veterinary Universities

Conference Talk, Living with Animals 3: Co-Existence
Eastern Kentucky University, March 2017
Conference Program

Behavioral and epigenetic variations amongst differentially reared puppies

Poster, Early Experience and Sensitive Periods in Development
Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture, 2016
Grillaert, Cimarelli, Banlaki, Range, Viranyi
Read on ResearchGate

Unleashed Enthusiasm: Ethical Reflections on Harms, Benefits, and Animal-Centered Aims of ACI

Short Paper in Conference Proceedings, Third International Conference of Animal Computer Interaction, 2016
Grillaert and Camenzind
Publisher's website

Innovative Canine Neuroscience: How fMRI Research is Improving Our Ability to: Select Dogs for Working Roles, Train Working and Pet Dogs, and Improve Our Dogs' Quality of Life

Webinar Organizer and Host, 2015
Event website

Plus One: Dog-dog introductions and managing multi-dog households

Invited Presentation, Twin Cities Obedience Training Club, 2015
Event website

Practical Qualifications

Animal Welfare Qualified Dog Trainer, Austria ( Tierschutzqualifizierte HundetrainerInnen Osterreich)

Certified professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA)

Certified canine behavior consultant (CBCC-KA)

Certified Behavior Adjustment Training Instructor (CBATI)

Fear Free Certified Professional (Fear Free)

Business owner and program developer (Fetch Dog Training and Behavior)

Horse behavior consultant (Rhythmos Equine Development)

Additional Interests & and Works in Progress

Science Communication

Taking responsibility to explain it to your grandmother. See my work on dog behavior education at Hello Dog Talk.


I am in a long-term and questionably healthy relationship with R.

Programming & Coding

Enough to be slightly dangerous!